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Human Resources Policies


Our goal is to make our human power as the permanent supremacy in the sector we serve at and in the global competition environment by using the effective Human Resources Management Systems.

In relation with this aim, the basic items of our Human Resources Policies are as follows;

  • To work with quality oriented, dynamic and innovative teams in order to achieve the aims that are defined in the mission and vision of our institution,
  • To provide the proper employment conditions for our employees according to their professional knowledge and abilities, and to provide fair and equal opportunities in respect of growth and development,
  • To create a work environment that is provided as minimized in respects of occupational health and safety that enables them to perform their potential at utmost level.
  • To respect the personalities of our employees, and to protect and observe their rights.
  • To provide being an institution that is always preferred by employees who are expert on their branches.

• To enable the participation of our employees to the works processes by basing the employee satisfaction, and to reward our successful employees and to support their improvements.