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Satin Finishing Plaster

  • It provides a very smooth finishing for surfaces such as exposed concrete, gas concrete, plaster, plasterboard etc.
  • It covers the cavities and burrs in the surfaces, removes the tissue differences, form mistakes, planar disorders. It is healthy.
  • It provides a perfect surface for the application of all kinds of paints and decorative coatings without using putty.
  • It has a high adhesive characteristic. It form a hard film layer.

In laminated polypropylene bags of 30 kg.

TS EN 13279-1,2

› Technical Specifications
Mixing water 10 kg gypsum for 6.0 lt water
End of setting 150 minutes *
Availability time 90 minutes
Consumption amount (with 1 mm thickness) 1 kg/m2
Drying time 2 days in average
Water absorption 17 % of weight
Surface hardness 50 Shore D
Pressure resistance min. 2,5 N/mm²
Bending resistance min. 1,0 N/mm²
Heat conductivity 0,30 W/mK (0,26 Kcal/mh°C)
*The indicated setting periods may vary at a rate of +/- 10 % depending on the application and seasonal conditions.

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