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Gypsum Plaster

  •  It is healthy – it balances humidity.
  •  It is a non-burnable material. It protects your building against fire.
  •  It supports the heat insulation.
  •  It is a finished plaster.

In laminated polypropylene bags of 35 kg.

It can be applied directly and safely in surfaces such as roof tiles, concrete, gas concrete, pumice concrete surfaces.

TS EN 13279-1,2

› Technical Specifications
Mixing water 6¸0 - 6¸5 lt water for 10 kg gypsum
End of setting 150 minutes*
Application period 60 minutes
Application thickness in one layer min. 5mm.
Consumption amount (with 1 cm thickness) 10 kg/m²
Drying time max. 4 days
Water absorption 32 % of weight
Surface hardness 40 Shore D
Dry bulk density 1.150 kg/m3
Bending resistance min. 1,0 N/mm²
Pressure resistance min. 2,5 N/mm²
Heat conductivity 0,30W/mK (0,26 Kcal/mhºC)
* The indicated setting periods may vary at a rate of +/- 10 % depending on the application and seasonal conditions.

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