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DUVAL® Gypsum Block Adhesive Plaster

DUVAL is a special type of gypsum used for the adhesion of gypsum wall blocks to each other and other construction components as well as for the filling of the cavities that are left under the floor and beams in wall and ceiling joints.

It has a setting and treatment period that corresponds to the purpose of application besides its strong adhesive characteristic.

It is packed in polypropylene bags of 30 kg.

Water / gypsum rate % 70
Pressure resistance 2,5 N/mm²
Bending resistance 1 N/mm²
Application (treatment) period 40 minutes
End of setting 90 minutes*
Fineness 0¸2 mm above strainer 0¸0 %
*The indicated setting periods may vary at a rate of +/- 10 % depending on the application and seasonal conditions.

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