ABS Gypsum continues to produce innovative plaster technologies for buildings with a future, with 60 years of experience in the field of plaster and domestic capital. ABS Gypsum has built its corporate values with the awareness of social responsibility from past to present. It has voluntarily carried out its activities within the framework of the understanding of corporate culture in order to be more beneficial to both the environment and the society.

ABS Gypsum has the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report prepared on this subject in the plaster industry in Turkey, advancing with the aim of including its high-tech and quality products in structures with a future built with durable natural and healthy gypsum-based materials that allow freedom and ease in design. The report covers social responsibility projects, internal and external training programs, support for obtaining a professional qualification certificate for the development of plaster masters, collaborations with non-governmental organizations and universities, sponsorships, occupational health and safety policy, environmental and sustainable products, which ABS Gypsum has successfully carried out from the past to the present. detailed under the headings.

ABS Gypsum, the world's first satin plaster, Turkey's first gypsum plaster, and Turkey's first ultralight plasterboard producer, positions corporate social responsibility in its main business strategies, as it does in all operational processes. While it is aimed to ensure that the Corporate Social Responsibility approach is spread effectively from the highest level of management practices to all field operations, it will continue to work on taking the necessary measures not to harm the environment in its production activities and harmonizing the products it produces with the environment and human health.