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About Us


ABS Alci ve Blok Sanayi A.S. was established in 1979 and made its first investment in Bilecik/Bozuyuk, thus stared productions in 1982.

Before ABS, Gypsum was solely utilized for repairing purposes and in production of decorative materials and has gained a new dimension with ABS. The Turkish construction industry met new products such as gypsum blocks, gypsum plaster, satin finishing gypsum, filling gypsum and adhesive gypsum. Over the years, these products have taken their well deserved place among the demanded construction materials. in order to maintain the industry leadership ABS has continued with an investment approach and established

Golbasi,Ankara Gypsum Plaster Plant In 1982,

Golbasi, Ankara Plasterboard Plant In 1996,

Tarsus,Mersin Gypsum Plaster Plant In 1998

Askale, Erzurum Gypsum Plaster Plant In 2003

Bozuyuk,Bilecik Plate Plant In 2003

Tarsus, Mersin Plasterboard Plant In 2008,

Tschernovtsi , Ukraine  Mamaliga Gypsum Plaster Plants in In 2008

and has continued its services by raising capacities. Furthermore, a BMT trademark production “The Sivas Gypsum Plaster Plants” of SIAS Sivas Alcı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has joined ABS as an affiliate partner.