• ABS Extreme is an exterior cladding plasterboard used in exterior wall construction with its water and moisture resistant special core mat which is made of glass fiber covering both surfaces.
  • ABS Extreme; can be used under all kinds of exterior cladding materials such as metal cladding, weatherboarding, wood veneer, decorative brick cladding.
  • ABS Extreme can be used in all under-eaves applications.
  • ABS Extreme has low water absorption. Absorbs less than 5% (by weight) of water at the end of 2 hours. ABS Extreme should not be used as waterproofing material.
  • ABS Extreme is 100% compatible with gypsum board systems. It allows working on 40 cm and 60 cm axles.
  • In case the outer walls are made with external systems by ABS Extreme, the desired values are provided in the energy performance class according to the selected system.
  • ABS Extreme is resistant to various weather conditions with its water and moisture resistant special core and its glass fiber mat covering both surfaces.
  • In addition to its high moisture resistance, ABS Extreme also prevents mold growth due to its anti-microbial properties.
  • ABS Extreme is in the fire class of A1 non-combustible building materials according to TS EN 13501-1 with the help of its gypsum core and non-flammable glass fiber mat. It can be used in all areas where fire protection is required to be used in all areas where “Non-flammable Material” is to be used.
  • ABS Extreme has a vapor permeable structure. Thus, it prevents the confinement of the moisture inside the respirable spaces. While increasing the lifespan of structure, it also helps to create healthy living environments.
  • ABS Extreme has total water absorption of less than 5%. Thus, repells the water by a pushing effect and it protects the vapor permeability.
  • ABS Extreme protects the structural strength in sudden temperature changes and humidity.
  • ABS Extreme, which can maintain its dimensions in variable conditions, protects the other elements when used with a system.
  • Like all other dry construction systems, ABS Extreme’s ductile structure contributes positively to earthquake resistance.
  • ABS Extreme has equivalent cantilever bearing capacity compared to conventional plasterboard wall systems. Therefore, application of 30 kg/m² ceramic is possible.


Ease of Application
The application method of ABS Extreme is similar to those of plasterboards. ABS Extreme can be easily cut and shaped with a utility knife, making it suitable for the surface to be used. It can also be applied to uneven surfaces.

Facade systems created with ABS Extreme are much lighter than conventional systems. Therefore, less dead load is added to the structure. It also reduces costs by diminishing transportation costs.

Time efficient
ABS Extreme can be applied much faster compared to conventional exterior applications leading to shorter application time at a lower cost.

Ability to work in winter conditions
All indoor site applications can be carried out conveniently even in the cold conditions of winter on the construction sites covered with ABS Extreme. A sheltered area is formed for all kinds of materials and employees inside.

Areas of Usage

  • Within the exterior facade wall systems
  • Under all kinds of metal coatings, weatherboarding, wood veneer and decorative brick coatings
  • Within the facade systems with ventilation
  • Wet surfaces and areas
  • All under eaves applications

Warnings and Recommendations

  • ABS Extreme should be mounted on frames with specially produced drill bit corrosion resistant screws.
  • The distance between screws should be more than 20 cm during installation.
  • ABS Extreme joints are applied with resistant joint filler and cement-based polymer fillers with alkali-resistant glass fiber joint tape.
  • The frame type and axle intervals must be determined based on the type of system to be used.
  • The insulation material to be installed on ABS Extreme surface should be fastened to the frames using a coating dowel anchor.
  • ABS Extreme exterior wall application should be made with uneven lap joints.
  • 160 gr/m² alkali resistant plaster net should be applied to the ABS Extreme surface. The net should be close to the outer surface and embedded in the plaster.
  • ABS Extreme should not be used as waterproofing material in any system.
  • Prefilling should be done before the coating is applied to the anchor heads to surface plastering.
  • A PVC-based net corner profile should be used to ensure that the corners of the ABS Extreme are smooth.

Technical Specifications

Length 2400 mm
Width 1200 mm
Thickness 12,5 mm, 15 mm
Average Weight 11 kg/m², 13,5 kg/m²
Surface water absorption 2 hours (In weight) <%5 based on TS EN520
Edge type TE (Tapered Edge) – SE (Square Edge)
Fire Class A1: Ever-fireproof Building material, according to TS EN 13501
Number of Plates in Palet 50 pcs/palet
Standards TS EN 15283-1+A1 Plasterboards reinforced with fibers.
Standard type that it has GM – FH1R
A1 Fire Class
Mold Free
Moisture Resistant
Environmentally Friendly
Heat and Sound Insulation
Smooth Surface