Areas of Usage

M25 is a gypsum-based plaster applied on all kinds of surfaces (concrete, gross concrete, brick, bims block, gas concrete etc.) by machine spray.


  • Prior to application, the surface should be free of dust and substances.
  • Place laths at intervals of 150-200 cm.
  • After mixing with ABS M25 plastering machine, it is sprayed between laths.
  • After spraying, the surface is leveled with a plaster flattener.
  • 15-20 minutes after the first levelling the second leveling should be made.
  • 50-70 minutes after the application, water is sprayed onto the surface and the first trowel is made using a rubber trowel.
  • After 10 minutes, the surface is polished using a steel trowel.
  • 60 minutes after from the first trowel, the second trowel is applied to obtain a hard, glazed and glossy surface.

Technical Specifications

Water / Plaster ratio 10 kg M25 into 6,5-7 lt of water
Gypsum congealing point 220-240 minutes
Consumption amount On each 1 cm thickness 7,5 – 8 kg/m2
Compressive strength (lowest) 20 kgf/cm²(4x4x16 block)
Flexural rupture resistance (lowest) 10 kgf / cm2 (4x4x16 block)
Loose unit volume weight (powder) 650 – 700 kg / m³
Dry unit volume weight 750-800 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity value 0,21 W/mK (according to TS 825)
Reaction to fire A1
Standard type TS EN 13279-1 / TS EN 13279-2
Type B4/50/2 With high gypsum rate (spraying) Light gypsum plaster for building
Packing style Polypropylene bag
Net weight 25 kg ± 2%

Warnings and Recommendations

  • Do not mix ABS M25 with any other product or material.
  • Application thickness should be between 8-30 mm.
  • The room temperature shouldn’t be below +5°C and over +35°C.
  • Dry and hot surfaces must be wetted before application.
  • The plaster machine and the tools used must be clean.